Prof. Dr. Hassan Abu Bakar
PROVOSTProf. Dr. Hassan Abu
Tel: 03-26103010 Fax: 03-2694 9228 Level 8, Tower 1, UUMKL
 Academic Qualification: 
 1) MSc. Corporate Communication (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
 2) PhD (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

Teaching Interest:
Leadership & Coomunication Management

  • Bakar, H. A., & McCann, R. (2016). The mediating effect of dyadic communication style agreement on the relationship between servant leadership and group level organizational citizenship behavior. Management Communication Quarterly, 30(1), 32-58.
  • Bakar, H. A., Jian, G., & Fairhurst, G. T. (2014). The interaction effect of perception agreement of leader-member exchange quality and relational demography on member performance ratings. Asia Business & Management, 13(2), 143–170
  • Bakar, H. A., & Sheer, V. (2013). The mediating role of perceived cooperative communication in the relationship between interpersonal exchange relationships and perceived group cohesion. Management Communication Quarterly, 27(3), 443-465.
  • Stohl, C., McCann, R. M., Bakar, H. A. (2013). Conflict in the global workplace. In J. G. Oetzel & S. T. Toomey (Eds.), Handbook of conflict communication: Integrating theory, research and practice (2nd) (pp. 713-736). Beverly Hills, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Bakar, H. A., Dilbeck, K. E., & McCroskey, J. C. (2010). Mediation role of supervisory communication practices on relation between leader-member exchange and perceived employee commitment to work group. Communication Monographs, 77(4), 637-656.

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