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About Us

UUMKL Campus is the first UUM fully-owned study centre located  outside Sintok and operated directly by UUM.

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Postgraduate Programmes

The academic structure at UUM is based on the College system, with each academic session consisting of three semesters per academic..

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Locate Us

Along Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz in the bustling Kampung Baru, and adjacent to the famous shopping haven and business activities of..

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1. What is DBA?

The DBA is designed to provide students with an advanced understanding of key business disciplines, consultations and research methodologies relevant to business. It also aims to develop critical thinking and the ability to apply theoretical understanding and research results to problems. It will develop results to business problems. It will developed advanced research skills and the ability to communicate research outcomes, improves professional practices in a range of bsuiness disciplines and provide studnts with the opportunity to pursue individual research projects.

2. What is the difference between a DBA and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)?

The DBA is a professional doctorate and focuses on managerial relevance, and the application of theory to field-based research. It is designed to advance business and professional management practice, processes and programs, ranging from the management of people to the management of operations and projects. It allows students to develop their ability to conduct empirical research to managerial areas of interest. DBA students therefore has more practical application in the managerial settings and also prepares graduates for academic careers.

PhD is an academic doctorate and focuses on the development of new theory, and prepares candidates to conduct highly specialised scholarly research. Most PhD graduates lead careers as university researchers and professors, or as senior researchers in business or government.

The DBA and PhD are academically equivalent in that both entail a rigorous course of study and typically culminate in the defense of a doctoral dissertation.

3. What is the difference between a DBA and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program?

The DBA is a logical extension of a graduate management degree such as the MBA . As such, students admitted to the UUM DBA are expected to have graduate level knowledge in traditional management areas such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, Human Resources, Statistics, Marketing etc. The DBA has a stronger research orientation than the MBA and allows a student to study and research one area of interest in-depth.

The MBA on the other hand is designed to equip students with a broad set of business skills, and involves the study of core business school subjects that are transferable to multiple arenas. Typically, it does not involve in-depth research in one area of interest.

4. What does UUM DBA offers?

As a DBA candidate, you will be guided by expert supervisors from OYAGSB as you design and conduct your consultation, research and write your dissertation. You will also be supported by UUMKL’s extensive online facilities and support services and enjoy flexibility and quality in your DBA study experience.

5. Why should I choose UUM DBA program?

The DBA program in UUM was established in 2005. As an institute of public hugher learning, its mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management in Malaysia. UUM has been dedicated in providing with the management courses, skills and experience it needs to succeed. With the necessary resources, experience and in particular, the support from the community, UUM endeavours to provide a forum where new ideas can be exchanged, where new know-how can be forfered and where new managers can be trained.

6. What can I do with a DBA degree?
The program is designed to enhance the critical thinking and analytical skills. It also provides a huge array of information in the management field. Hence, this can enhance performance in the current organisation or provide a stepping stone toward other career opportunities such as in consulting or academic work.cc

7. Is the UUM DBA accredited?
Our programs are in the process of getting the accreditation from ACCSB, EQUIS and AMBA.

8. How long does it take to finish the program?
The program can be completed in 3 years but more likely in 4 to 5 years. The maximum time allowed is 7 years for part-time student.

9. What is the UUM DBA program structure?
The UUM DBA is a coursework doctoral program consisting of the following 66 credit hours of study:
Stage 1: 15 credit hours in business, 12 credit hours in research methodology and 6 credit hours of elective papers.
Stage 2: Consulation (6 credit hours)
Stage 3: Independent Study (3 credit hours)
Stage 4: Dissertation (24 credit hours)

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