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- The 1st International Conference on Maanagement and Communication (ICMC) 2016


Academic Schedule/Timetable :
- Postgraduate Academic Calendar for Trimester Per Academic Session 2017/2018   Downloadarrow download
- Schedule of Classes for Postgraduate Courses Third Semester 2017/2018 Session (DC173)   Downloadarrow download
- Schedule of Classes (Master of Law) Third Semester 2017/2018 Session (DC173)   Downloadarrow download
- Schedule of Classes for Undergraduate Courses Third Semester 2017/2018 Session (EA173)   Downloadarrow download



- (Undergraduate) Application Form for Graduation and Temporary Academic Transcripts
- Late Registration Penalty


Struktur Program Pengurusan Awam (BPM) & Struktur Program Komunikasi (BCOMM) :

- BPM 2011   Downloadarrow download
- BPM 2012   Downloadarrow download
- BPM 2013   Downloadarrow download
- BPM 2014   Downloadarrow download
BPM 2015   Downloadarrow download
- BCOMM 2011   Downloadarrow download
- BCOMM 2012   Downloadarrow download
- BCOMM 2013   Downloadarrow download
- BCOMM 2014   Downloadarrow download
- BCOMM 2015   Downloadarrow download


 Form :

- Application for Graduate Admission (Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business)  Apply Now 
- Course Remarking Form  Download arrow download
- Smart Card Application Form  Download arrow download
- Application for Change Programme  Download arrow download
- Application for Deferment of Registration  Download arrow download
- Application for Deferment of Study  Download arrow download
- Application for Refund  Download arrow download
- Proposed Supervisor BDMI 8013 Research Proposal Construction  Download arrow download
- Application for Change Supervisor/Mentor  Download arrow download
- Request to Extend Defence of Proposal  Download arrow download
- Undergraduate - Deferment of Study  Download arrow download
- Undergraduate - Transfer Credit Form  Download arrow download
- Student Attendance List  Download arrow download



- Gantt Chart of Research Paper  Download arrow download
- Research Paper Process Flow  Download arrow download
- Application Form for Research Paper  Download arrow download
- Application Form for Data Collection  Download arrow download
- Verification Procedures For Plagiarism Review (TURNITIN)  Download arrow download
- Verification Of Plagiarism Checking (TURNITIN)  Download arrow download
- Intent to Submit Graduate Reseach Paper/Dissertation  Download arrow download
- Assesment Rubric for RESEARCH PAPER   Download arrow download
- Submission of Reseach Paper/Dissertation  Download arrow download